Indie College offers a range of accredited, full time courses that are designed to meet individual learning needs.

Our training supports learners with reading, writing, numeracy, employability skills and goal setting.

How it works

  • Training can start at any time; you don’t have to wait until next term or next semester to begin
  • Sessions are held one-on-one or in a small group setting
  • Learners work alongside their Coach (a qualified Trainer and Assessor)

During the course, learners are assessed in a variety of ways, including: writing questions, discussions, participation in group activities, oral questions and discussions portfolios of evidence and completion of practical tasks.

Certificate in General Education for Adults (CGEA)

Indie College offers accredited courses in General Education for Adults to support development of skills in writing, numeracy and literacy, with a focus on employability, life skills and goal setting. 

Courses are designed to support adults that have left school, are facing unemployment or have personal barriers to education and training. 

All courses are full time, delivered by a coach (Qualified Trainer and Assessor) in a one-on-one or small group setting. 

Youth courses

Let’s Go and Alternative Program

Indie College is contracted through Indie School to deliver the Let’s Go and Alternative Programs. These programs offer a pathway for young people to re-engage back into training, education or employment.

Training supports the development of literacy and numeracy skills and the option to undertake a VET in Schools qualification.

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Learning methods

Curriculum, research and innovation

The creation and ongoing development of Indie College has been influenced by Professor Susan Cullen (NZ), Professor Tony Vinson (Australia), Professor Derek Colquhoun (United Kingdom), Professor Barry Golding (Australia).

View our research documents to see some information on the background and development of our alternative programs.