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Tallulah’s Mural

Talented learner brings the sea to Shepparton 

By Robyn Murray

Indie College Shepparton learner Tallulah recently completed the Let’s Go Program. As part of her last Professional Development Skills project, Tallulah decided to spread some colour outside of the pages of her sketch book and take to the walls of the local Salvation Army playground.

Coach Robyn Murray sat down with Tallulah to discuss her project and the creative process.


Q. Tallulah, can you please explain why you chose the project?

“I chose this project because I love art and I’ve always wanted to work with kids, I used to come up with activities for an after school care group and when my Coach Robyn suggested the project to me, I thought it was a great idea.”

Q. What is the story behind the artwork?

“We chose the design because Salvos is a church run organisation and we picked a design with a biblical story.”

Tallulah using a high pressure hose to clean the walls.
Tallulah priming the brickwork before starting the mural.
A projector was used to plot and scale the mural linework.
Q. Did you have any issues along the way?

“We did pick a different design but I was having problems with it from the start so we went back to the drawing board, once we picked a design we could work with it was smooth sailing.”


Q. What was your favourite part of the project?

The part of the project I enjoyed the most was seeing the end result, seeing all the hard work come together made all the times we couldn’t come in to do it or the heat waves worth it.”


Now that Tallulah has moved on from Indie College, she works part time and studies education support. Her goal is to work with kids in the education setting. Tallulah is still producing art in her spare time and we have no doubt she will be headlining in an art gallery in the future. All the best Tallulah.

Tallulah posing with her finished mural. 

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